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URL Encode

URL Encode

Please enter the data to be encoded.

Providing a quick way to encode URLs

About URL Encode

URL Encode is a simple online tool that offers fast URL encoding.

What is URL Encode

URL encoding and decoding is a process of escaping and restoring special characters in a URL. URLs contain certain special characters, such as spaces, question marks, percent signs, and more. These characters either have special meanings in URLs or are not allowed to be used directly. URL encoding and decoding ensure that special characters in URLs are transmitted and processed correctly.

URL encoding uses a mechanism known as percent encoding to convert special characters into specific encoding formats. Specifically, it transforms special characters into a percent sign (%) followed by two hexadecimal digits representing the ASCII value of that character. For example, a space character is encoded as "%20," and a question mark character as "%3F."

How to Use URL Encode

Simply enter the data you want to encode in the "Enter data to encode" section below, click "Encode," and you will receive the encoded result.