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Timestamp Converter

Current Timestamp

Timestamp Converter

Mutual Conversion Between Timestamp and Date-Time Formats

What is Timestamp?

Timestamp is a widely used method in programming languages to track how much time has passed. It is often expressed in seconds or milliseconds.

Timestamp: 0 => Greenwich Mean Time: January 1, 1970, at 00:00

Instructions for Using the Timestamp Converter

The website provides mutual conversion between Timestamp and date-time formats.

  • "Current Timestamp" displays the time the webpage was opened. You can toggle the "Real-time" switch to start and stop displaying the flowing time.
  • "Convert" has options for "Unix Timestamp (seconds)," "Unix Timestamp (milliseconds)," and "Local Date-Time Format." You can input any of these values. After clicking the "Convert" button, the other two fields and the "ISO 8601 Date-Time Format" will be simultaneously converted to the corresponding values.