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Random Number Generator

Generate Random Number


Generate 1 to 100 sets of random numbers at once with the option to choose between "Allow Duplicates" or "No Duplicates." Copy the content or download them as a text file.

About the Random Number Generator

A random number generator allows you to customize the minimum and maximum values. The program will randomly select numbers between the minimum and maximum values. You can choose between "Allow Duplicates," where numbers are generated entirely randomly without considering previous selections, or "No Duplicates," where previously generated numbers are excluded. In "No Duplicates" mode, the number of results generated cannot exceed the difference between the minimum and maximum values.

How to Use the Random Number Generator

  1. Enter the "Minimum Value" and "Maximum Value" and check the option for "Allow Number Duplication?"
  2. Then, input the number of results you want in the "Enter the number of results" field (up to 100 sets).
  3. Click "Generate," and you will see the results below.
  4. You can either click "Download" to save them as a text file or click "Copy to Clipboard" to copy them for pasting in the desired location.